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最終更新: 2019年6月17日

一澤信三郎帆布 (ichizawa shinsaburou hanpu)

〒605-0017 京都市東山区東大路通古門前上ル高畑町602




They sell it only in Kyoto-Higashiyama. The making of the bag is particular about material of a process from selection of cloth cotton canvas and hemp sail canvas, material of a thread and metal fittings, all of tools. Three feelings are "doing careful handwork with high quality nature canvas" " undertaking repair" "producing it in Kyoto, and selling it".

京都らしさas Kyoto  ☆☆☆☆☆

使いやすさ・信頼性reliability ☆☆☆☆☆

コスパcost performance  ☆☆☆☆

感情・コンセプトconcept  ☆☆☆☆☆

店内には懐かしいと感じるものから現代風のものまで沢山のかばんや筆箱などがあり、二階に上がると商品が並んでいる奥の方にかなづちでかばんに金具をつけている職人さん、その隣には古いミシンがあってすごくいい雰囲気のお店でした!かばんは凄くしっかりた布で形や色も様々でシンプルで使いやすそうで、一緒に行った人は入店して5分ほどでかばんを購入していました😂 老若男女問わず幅広い層の人におすすめのお店です!

There are many bags or pencil cases from a old-fashioned thing to a modernistic thing. In the second floor, there are bags, the craftsman there is the other side hits bag's metal fittings with hammer, next to that, there is old sewing machine. This scene is very good atmosphere! The bag is very strong cloth, and the many kinds of color and simple shape and design. The person who went together entered it and purchased a bag in only five minutes!😂 I recommend the shop for the person of the wide layer, sex and age!